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Body Paintings

Real models. Real Paint. Unreal Art.

This selection of 12 body paintings were completed between 2006 and 2009 as part of a larger series of work that, in addition to prints, will be offered in a 3 volume set of books available starting in July of 2010.

Each painting is completely real, real body paint on skin, with no Photoshop other than the formatting required for the printing process.  Each session averages between 10 to 15 hours with the longest taking 22 hours to complete. Links to video of the work being painted are here.

Fundamental to the nature of this work is the dialectic between man and nature.  Each piece reveals the harmony of geometric structures juxtaposed on the organic form.

Gaia Goddess
Wu Zetian
Mineko Iwasaki
Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf
Queen Midas Goddess Minerva Metropolis
Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf
Metropolis II Papatuanuku Papatuanuku II Goddess Oya
Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf
Goddess Oya III      

Spamlister’s Comment: (Photo) Body Paintings




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