A Showcase of Infrared Photography

from www.noupe.com

The Works

Lost and Found by dingodave

Horses Dreams infrared by MichiLauke

Straightforward Path Infrared by ilimel

Castle Avenue infrared by MichiLauke

The Park Infrared by dingodave

Infrared Bridge by WrappedUpInBooks

Pink Tree infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared XXXI by ilimel

Infrared Trees by michiLauke

Untilted by Paula Cobleigh

Tropical Garden infrared by MichiLauke

Magical Tree – Infrared by Chaton75

Infrared Path in Montreal by Barbroute

Graveyard Infrared by rare-twinkie

Franklin Falls by Paula Cobleigh

Infrared I by Crossie

Willow Tree Infrared by MichiLauke

Dresden Zwinger in infrared by Torsten-Hufsky

Infrared Tree and Pond by YuriPanda

Infrared LI by lilimel

Spring Wolni infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared Train by fatihkilic

Infrared Tower by ilimel

Magic Tree II infrared by MichiLauke

Infrared Snowdrops by okavanga

Infrared Pond II by La-Vita-A-Bella

Indian Summer by dingodave

Laguna de Plata Infrared by otas32

Snowing In The Summer by DSent

The White Field by dingodave

Birch Infrared by MichiLauke

infrared something-scape by foodshelf

Infrared by finklenator

the beach by ComprehensiveOne

Infrared Trees by DCooper20

Clouds infrared by MichiLauke


Spamlister’s Comment: (photo)赤外線写真




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