Mt. Rainier casts a big shadow on Seattle’s sunrise | KOMO News


Mt. Rainier has quite a few tricks up its sleeve for adding additional beauty to the Pacific Northwest, from the majestic snow-capped peaks, to the mysterious lenticular cloud displays.

But another trick it pulls off during the fall and winter is to cast a big shadow on a brilliant sunrise.

It only happens when the sun rises farther to the south as we head toward the winter solstice and has to be in the exact position to where Rainier blocks the first rays of morning light.

Having a nice cloud layer around can sure act as a canvas as well!

Check out these photos submitted Wednesday morning:

This first one is a larger version of the one above, taken from Tumwater by YouNews contributor Nick Lippert: (Larger version here)

These next two are from Kathy Brant:

Next two are from Susan Aaron:

This one is from Jeremy Bertrand:

YouNews contributor: luv2lrn

YouNews contributor: JPuyallup:

Spamlister’s Comment: (photo) Mt. Rainierの影



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